*Admissions Criteria
1. Parents must have been living in the Sereolipi , Ndonyo Wasin and Lerata communities for the past 10 years.

2. Parents must have been registered for relief food in the Sereolipi zone in 2002.

3. The student must have attended primary school at Sereolipi, Lerata or Ndonyo Wasin for all of the 8 years of primary school.

4. The student should not have repeated standard 7 or 8.

5. The student must score more than 300 marks on the KCPE to qualify for a scholarship for Secondary school and more than 250 marks to qualify for technical school.

To improve the livelihoods of people living in North East Samburu through education:
1. Education at technical school to learn a skill such as masonry, electrical, plumbing,carpentry, welding, mechanic, etc
2. Education at secondary school (high school) to obtain a KCSE certicicate.
3. Education at college/university for those students who achieved a C+ grade. A two-year diploma course in a skill based education such as nursing, teaching, business administration, community service, hospitality etc *Conditions
1. Students must score C+ and above each term.
2. If Students at secondary school do not achieve a C+ grade in year 1 or 2 they will switched to technical school
3. Parents or guardians must be in agreement with scholarship principles.
4. At the end of each term the student must meet with their mentor with their report card to discuss performance. The student’s parents or guardian must attend at least one of these meetings,
5. Also at the end of each term the student must write to his/her sponsor, participate in one week of remedial holiday tuition, and complete a community service project.


Paul lesamaja with mother
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