Lebiite Moses Katiba




He was born in May of 2002 when Kenya was working on their new Constitution (or Katiba), thus the name of Katiba. He is the second born in a family of seven children. Neither of his parents went to school and live a traditional Samburu lifestyle in Ndonyo Wasin, looking after their animals. Moses’s mother, Panene has a small kiosk in their village that sells basic goods. When Moses is home from school, he helps his father look after the animals, as well as helping his mother in the kiosk.

When Moses was about eight years old, his father took him to Marti Preschool. Up until then, Moses was looking after the young goats with his sister. His parents had not planned to let him enter school. As he recalls, his lucky day came when his mother and sister went to the well to fetch water for the goats. Moses was left at home and he saw some neighbor kids going to school. He decided to follow them! His parents looked for him everywhere that day, but could not find him, until school let out. Luckily, rather than being punished, his parents decided he should go to school from this point forward, in order to avoid the scare of disappearances every again. Once accustomed to the fact his son would be going to school, Moses’s father realized it was a very good thing. As the eldest boy in his family, he realized he would be able to support the education of his younger siblings and hopefully earn money that would help take care of his mother and father in their old age.

In 2011, Moses was officially enrolled In Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. From the very beginning, Moses loved English class. He loved the daily sessions in the school library and couldn’t wait to read more and more books. He also became involved in a variety of extracurricular activities: football, debate and was even elected the dormitory prefect in Class 7 and 8! Moses loved being part of a team, accomplishing a single goal as a group and is quite a confident young man. After his schooling is completed, Moses hopes to be a pilot. He has seen airplanes in the sky and hopes to fly one in the future!


Moses Katiba Lebiite Moses Katiba Lebiite
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