Lekaato  Jamal Musa




Musa was born in 2001 and is the third born of six children. Neither of Musa’s parents went to school and live the traditional Samburu way of life. His family happily reported that they have two cows and twenty sheep and goats. Whenever Musa is home from school, he helps with the animals.

Of the six children, Musa is the first to attend school. In 2010, Musa began school pre-school at one of our Thorn Tree pre-schools. Learning took place under a tree and they used a portable blackboard that they cleaned up against the tallest tree. Musa started school much later than most students. As a young boy, he stayed at home to help tend to the animals, but in 2009 Kenya suffered an unbearable drought. With livestock depleted, most families decided to send a child or two to school in hopes of a long term investment in the health of the family.

In addition to the drought, Musa’s older friend, Samuel, used to tell him stories about school whenever they met and it got Musa very excited about the prospect of school. He finally was able to convince his mother to take him to school and he hit the ground running. Samuel continued to encourage him to work hard all the way until Class 8.

In 2011, Musa joined Ndonyo Wasin Primary School but only stayed one term in Class 1. Halfway through the year he was moved to Class 2 because he was so tall and so much older than the other kids! Math became his favorite subject in school. Musa loves calculations and is very passionate about helping friends who struggle in math. He would like to be a teacher when he finishes school. He loves playing soccer and volleyball. He also was a member of the Health Club, where the volunteer to keep the school and community clean, and in Class 7 & 8, he was in the student government! In his free time, he loves reading! His favorite is called The Maasai warriors.


Lekaato Jamal Lekaato Jamal
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