Lekerpees  Collins Saitore




Collins has an interesting history that has led him to where he is today. He was born in 2003 and is the third of six children. Similar to most of the students in Samburu, Collins’ parents did not attend school. In fact, he is the first person in his family of eight to complete Class 8 and go to high school. Before Collins was born, his mother, father and two older siblings lived in an even more remote area than their current place in Ndonyo Wasin. There were absolutely no schools near by and Collins father was unable to work. His mother did everything around the house to support the family, and was in charge of teaching her eldest two children how to look after the livestock. Just before Collins was born, his family moved to Ndonyo Wasin near his maternal grandparents. Collins mother heard of Ndonyo Wasin Primary School and the Thorntree run pre-schools and promised herself that her next child would attend school! Luckily for everyone, Collins loved school from his very first day. In fact, his mother is a Matron at Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. She is one of the friendliest faces around the school.

Throughout his time at Ndonyo Wasin, Collins worked incredibly hard, eventually leaving Class 8 as a well loved and skilled young man. His favorite subject is English and he wants to pursue a career in broadcasting! During his time in primary school, he enjoyed football, debate club and became well know for his humor and outgoing nature.


Lekerpees Collins Lekerpees Collins
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