Lekushan Simon




Simon is the first born of seven children, but only he and the second born child, his sister, attend school Both his parents and his other younger siblings all live in the Samburu traditional way of life. Simon’s family is nomadic and owns roughly twenty goats and about five cows, which makes his family poor, even by Samburu standards. One thing that I know to be true about Simon is that he is not only hard working in school, but he is extremely hard working when he is home. He helps his parents in looking after the animals and fetching water.

Simon started school in 2009 at a Thorn Tree preschool under a big shady acacia tree with a black board against the tree trunk. After preschool, he had to wait a little bit before he was allowed to join Ndonyo Wasin. Simon was excited to join primary school after seeing his neighbor going to primary school. Simon showed a great amount of grit and perseverance after his father said no he wouldn’t be allowed to continue school. Finally, after his mother helped champion his cause, he went to school and has not looked back once. He has been a great student and dreams of being a water engineer so that can help his community with their water problem.

At school he was a member of debate club, which helped his English score and improved his confidence. He was the dorm prefect while at Ndonyo Wasin and was able to help solve disputes and conflicts among his peers.


Lekushan Simon Lekushan Simon
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