Lemaramba Lenas




Lenas was born in 2004 and is the third born in a family of seven children. He is the first child in his family to go to school! Both Lenas’s parents live in Learata village and tend after the animals in a traditional Samburu lifestyle. When Lenas is on holiday from school, he also contributes to the daily chores at home by looking after the animals or fetching firewood.

In 2010, when Lenas was roughly six years old, his father took him to Learata Preschool. His father once worked with the Kenyan army and he saw people being promoted based on their education and he vowed to educate his children so they would not be left out from promotions in their future. After one year in preschool, Lenas was enrolled at Learata Primary School and since then he has consistently been at the top of his class. His best subject is English and he credits the additional lessons he received in the library with helping him develop a love for reading.

In addition to being a stellar student, Lenas enjoys playing football in his spare time and was a member of the Debate Club! The Debate Club helped him develop his confidence, eloquence and overall positive self-esteem. Lenas is a very friendly boy and is loved by all the students. In the future, he hopes to be a journalist! Lenas has never seen or met a journalist from the Samburu area and he hopes to be the first one!


Lenas Lemaramba Lenas Lemaramba
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