Lemaramba Alfred Lperes




Alfred is the oldest of three children and the first in his family to complete Class 8, but his younger siblings are all enrolled in school and not far behind him! While his mother and father did not complete primary or secondary school, his father has taken adult education classes, where he was able to learn basic spelling, reading and number sense. His father decided to pursue adult classes after spending some time in town and seeing how successful and prosperous people with an education and skills are. He knew then he must send his children to school. With a father who was invested in his own education, Alfred set his sights high and has worked hard to achieve!

Alfred and his family live in Lerata, just a short distance from Lerata Primary School. Alfred attended the school for Class 1 through Class 8 and did exceptionally well. His favorite subject is Math and he hopes to put it to use as a banker. However, you could often find Alfred in the school library reading English books and studying. He was well known for studying over the school holidays. Before taking the Kenyan National Exam in Class 8, Alfred set a goal of 360—a great score—and he missed by just two points, scoring a 358! Over the years at Lerata, Alfred was known as a polite and humble young man. He was often elected into leadership positions by his peers and teachers. Alfred also credits church with helping him learn to socialize and get along with others.


Lemaramba Lperes Lemaramba Lperes
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