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Stephen is the first born in his family and has 5 siblings. He was born in 1999 and spent the early years of his life looking after the family’s livestock. He desperately wanted to attend school but his father would not readily allow it since he considered Stephen to be “a great herder.” In 2006 a severe drought decimated the family herd. With very few animals left to tend to Stephen had the opportunity to go to school.

As nomadic pastoralists, the family was constantly moving with their small herd and Stephen had to attend various schools. He was quick to learn and eager to expand his knowledge. The family eventually settled in Larisoro and he was able to attend the Learata Primary School on a regular basis. His determination to learn constantly placed him at the top of his class where his leadership skills and humble attitude made him a favorite among the teachers and students. He was named school captain in grade six.

He scored very high with 341 marks on the eight grade national exams. He was offered admission to Maralal High School, one of the best boys schools in the area.

His two youngest siblings are currently attending primary school and the other two siblings look after the goats and sheep. With no cattle left in the family’s herd due to the drought, the family has been helped somewhat by government grants. Currently, the family has no way of paying for ongoing school tuition for this very bright boy.

Stephen’s favorite subjects are math and science. He aspires to be a doctor so that he can give back to his family, tribe and the local community.


Lenatini Bravo Lenatini Bravo
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