Lenuure  Amos  Rimpason




Amos is one of six children in his family, but the only person who has had the opportunity to attend school. The rest of his siblings live a traditional Samburu life, tending to cattle and the home. Their family has a few camels, donkeys, one or two cows and close to twenty sheep—which makes them very poor by local Samburu standards. Amos’s father sent him to school in 2009, to a Thorntree pre-school under the tree. After one year in pre-school, Amos began attending Ndonyo Wasin for first through eighth grade. While at Ndonyo Wasin he was consistently one of the top students! His best subject has always been Math, which he says always keeps his brain busy! He loves playing football, was a member of the debate club, and was class prefect in grades four through eight. Outside of his school activities, he enjoys reading and cooking. His favorite dish is making ugali, which is a water and flour dish.


Lenuure Amos Lenuure Amos
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