Lepakiyo  Anderson Samson




Anderson is the second born in a family of five children and the first to attend school. Both his parents are alive and live a traditional Samburu lifestyle—tending to cattle and other livestock. Anderson’s father took him to school when he was young and it has paid off. After completing third grade, Anderson was moved directly into fifth grade. His teachers thought Anderson was too bright for Class Four and Anderson did not let them down! He had consistently been at the top of his class, including earning the highest score in the school on his National Exam in Class 8. His dream career is a journalist, but he isn’t too shabby on the football (soccer) field as well. He has maintained a record of Class Prefect all throughout the upper classes and was soccer captain in Class 8. Overall, teachers and peers alike respect his leadership and ability to get along with everyone. He is hardworking, joyful and a wonderfully social young man.


Lepakiyo Anderson Lepakiyo Anderson
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