Lepakiyo Esther




Esther was born in 1999 in the Nesesai area about 15 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin village. She is the youngest of her five siblings and the first child in her family to ever go to school. All her siblings live the traditional Samburu lifestyle, herding cows and goats and migrating long distances during droughts in search of water and pasture.
In 2003 a preschool/kindergarten was opened in the Nesesai area. Lessons took place under the shade of a large thorn tree with a blackboard propped up against the tree trunk. A warrior with just a few years of schooling was the teacher. Esther loved learning at school and was there for two years before joining older students at NdonyoWasin primary school.
Esther is an excellent student who has worked hard to consistently perform at the top of her class. She sat for her final exam in grade 8 in November of last year and scored 324 marks. She attributes her high score to hard work and commitment to her studies. Esther enjoys reading books in the school library and playing soccer. She was on the school team as a striker. She is a very skilled debater and she sings in the school choir. She has strong leadership qualities and was Head Prefect last year.


Lepakiyo Esther Lepakiyo Esther
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