Lepakiyo  L Daniel




Daniel is the 5th child of 8, but was the first to attend school. His four older siblings never attended school and live the traditional Samburu lifestyle—tending to cows, goats, donkeys and their family’s single camel! Daniel got a late start in school, in comparison to the Western standards. From age four to eight, he spent his days tending the animals and it wasn’t until his family migrated to a Thorn Tree pre-school that his mother sent him to pre-school at age nine. Having never attended school themselves, his parents didn’t see the value of sending their children to school at age four or five. Once in school, Daniel excelled! From class one to class four he was elected as the class prefect, and from class five to class eight he was the dormitory prefect! This has helped him in building confidence when addressing elders and peers alike. Daniel also loves creative writing class, something very foreign to the school curriculum in Kenya, as well as reading. His favorite book is Facing the Lion, about a Masaai warrior. Much of the experience described in Facing the Lion is true to Daniel’s life as well. Overall, he is such a joy to be around, a hard worker and passionate footballer.


Lepakiyo Daniel Lepakiyo Daniel
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