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Eli was born in 2000 and is the third of five children. Neither of Eil’s parents went to school and together, they live a traditional Samburu nomadic lifestyle. Eli was very happy to report that his family has seventeen cows, three donkeys and a mix of twenty sheet and goats. During school holidays, Eli enjoys helping his parents look after the livestock and fetching water and firewood for the family.

Eli started class one in 2010 at Sere Olipi Primary School, making his ten years old in first grade. Up until 2009, Eli’s father chose to keep his son at home where he could tend to the animals. However, in 2009, a deadly drought hit Kenya and most of the family’s livestock was killed. Looking for an alternate way for his children to support the family, Eli’s father sent him to school, hoping it would be a long term investment in Eli’s future. Even though he was older (and taller) than the other kids in class one, Eli was accepted and excelled from day one. His best class is mathematics and he scored very well on his math national exam last year. In fact, he hopes to become a mathematics teacher in the future! He loves to play soccer and was on the team at Sere Olipi. He was a member of the Scout’s Club, the choir, and loves drawing in his free time. Eli is a very honest boy, persistent, hardworking and was the class prefect in in class seven


Leparamarai Shadrack Leparamarai Shadrack
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