Leparkiras Leboo




Leboo was born in 1999. When he was five years old he joined Omar pre-school (kindergarten) in Sereolipi. He joined Sereolipi Primary School the next year. When Leboo was 4 years old his father died when he was 8 his mother died leaving he and his. 3 younger siblings and one older brother orphaned. They all moved in 2007 to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School as full time boarders. During the holidays they stay with their grandmother in Sereolipi.
At Ndonyo Wasin primary school Leboo has done well. He has worked hard and he has always been in the top 10 students in class. He has a great sense of curiosity and his best subject is social studies because he enjoys knowing what happens around the country and the entire world. He is an avid reader and for 3 years he has been Library Assistant. He is responsible, thoughtful and persistent. He takes advantage of his confidence to make friendships with both students and teachers. He was on the school football team and an active member of the scout troop.


Leboo Leparkiras Leboo Leparkiras
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