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Kelvin was born in 2000 and lives on the edge of Sereolipi village. He is the eldest of 5 children. In 2002 he went to the local kindergarten in the village and then in 2007 he joined Sereolipi Primary School. His father is a policeman and is based in Eldoret, a town quite far away. Policemen are not well paid in Kenya and his father sends all of his monthly salary home to help feed, clothe, and house his family.
At the Sereolipi Primary School Kelvin has always been a hard working student. He wakes up early in the mornings to study and also works until late at night to make sure he understands all the concepts his teachers have been teaching him. He has excelled at mathematics since grade 1 and over the years has consistently and generously spent time helping his classmates to understand any math topics they have difficulty with. He achieved an A on his mathematics exam in the KCPE exams at the end of grade 8. This is a fantastic achievement as a C is the median grade for students in Kenya .
At school he has been class prefect twice, was on the soccer team and has been an avid reader in the library. Because of his high marks, he has been offered a place at Baringo High School, one of the top schools in the country. The fees for this school are well beyond the income of his father. His dream is to be a pilot and we believe he has the determination, passion and intelligence to achieve this.


Kevin leparlero Kevin Leparlero
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