Lepartingat Sophia




Sophia has an interesting history that has led her to where she is today. She was born in 2003 and is the third of six children. Unlike most of the students who are entering high school this year, Sophia’s mum attended some school. She was in school until Class 7, but had to drop out due to lack of school fees. Due to this, Sophia and her family have always been extremely grateful for the opportunities Thorntree provides. In fact, it was Sophia herself as a young girl who first asked to be sent to pre-school. Sophia saw the young students coming home from pre-school looking so happy and asked her mom if she could attend as well. The next day, her mother took her and that was the beginning of her schooling.

After pre-school she began primary at Sereolipi. Throughout her time, she worked incredibly hard, eventually leaving Class 8 as the fifth ranked student. Her favorite subject is English and wants to become a lawyer! She remembers a lawyer visiting the school from overseas and is eager to help end the corruption in her government. During her time in primary school, she enjoyed football, volleyball, the environment club and often helped tutor other students in Math, Kiswahili and English. One of the mentors wrote, “ Sophia is very creative and knows how to explain herself perfectly, without fear or hesitation.” Quite a feat in a very patriarchal society!


Lepartingat Sophia Lepartingat Sophia
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