Lesamburi Mercy Nasieku




Mercy was born in 2001 and is from the village of Sereolipi. Mercy, comes from a large extended family of traditional nomadic pastoralists however, her father is also a pastor at the local church and her mother works at the kindergarten in the village. Even though her parents work, they are not paid well. Her parents have a younger child, a boy, who also attends school.
Mercy started school when she was 5 years old at the local kindergarten and she joined Sereolipi Primary School the following year. Mercy has always been excellent student. She works hard and is very committed and motivated. She did very well in her KCPE exams with marks of 324. Her high marks put her in the top 15% of the country and she was the top girl in her class. Mercy attributes her success to her parents support. She says they have always encouraged her to do her best and that her mother always made sure she completed her homework at night and did not over burden Mercy with chores during the week.
Mercy enjoys reading books in the school library. Last year she was dormitory prefect and group leader for English, organizing papers and questions for group discussions.
Mercy has received a place at Materi Girls School. It is one of the very best girls schools in the country and we are delighted with this. The fees are high by Kenyan standards and her parents would never be able to afford to send her to such a good school without significant help. All of our girl students are very precious to us because they have succeeded against staggering odds. We are delighted with Mercy’s performance and very happy to have her in the scholarship program.


Mercy Lesamburi Mercy Lesamburi
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