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Andrew was born in 2000 and is the 4th born in a family of seven children. His parents are traditional Samburu nomadic pastoralists and they live in the Sereolipi area. Their cows and goats are their sole source of food. During times of severe drought they are forced to depend on Kenyan relief food, which is usually only enough food for a single meal.
Andrew’s parents wanted Andrew to improve his standard of living, so when he was 6 years old they sent him to the local primary school. Andrew has been a hard working student and was consistently among the top 3 students at school. He woke up early every morning to study and stayed up late each night to make sure he understood every concept his teachers taught him. He has always been eager to help his classmates in mathematics and science – helping them understand and solve challenging questions in both subjects. At school he has been class prefect and dormitory prefect as well as mathematics group leader. In his grade 8 national exam he scored 317. He has received a place at Good Shepherd Seminary School, which is one of the best schools in the country.


Andrew Lesimerto Andrew Lesimerto
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