Lesuuper Silvana




Silvana Was born in 2003 and lives in Ndonyo Wasin with her family. Neither of her parents attended formal school. Her father is a cook at Ndonyo Wasin primary school, while her mother takes care of the young children at home. Silvana is the first born of seven children and the first to ever finish class 8. How incredible that the first person in her entire family to receive a formal education is a girl! How progressive in rural Kenya! Silvana also enjoys taking care of the manyatta when not in school and she loves visitors! She is lively and engaging and you can’t be bored when she is around.

Silvana started pre-school at Ndonyo Wasin, under a tree and then attended Ndonyo Wasin primary school from class one through eight. Silvana did repeat class one because her mother had a baby the year she was in class one, so she was withdrawn from school to come home and tend to the animals. However, after seeing one of their neighbors, who was a teacher, living a good life, her mom sent Silvana back to school. Once back in school, Silvana capitalized on all of her opportunities. While in school, Silvana fell in love with Science and hopes to be a doctor! She believes she will be the first doctor in Ndonyo Wasin. Before leaving primary school, she participated in netball and volleyball, choir and loved spending time in the library reading!


Lesuuper Silvana Lesuuper Silvana
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