Letaraya Ngooria




Ngooria is from the Nairerai area, 15 kilometers from Sereolipi village. One of 9 siblings, he is the only child in his family attending school. His family members are all traditional nomadic pastoralists, who move from one place to another in search of pasture and water for their livestock. The milk from their goats and the blood from their cows are their primary food. In times of severe drought they get relief food from the Kenyan government.
In 2006 a preschool/Kindergarten opened up near Ngooria’s home. Lessons took place under a large acacia thorn tree with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk. The teacher was a warrior with just a few years of schooling. Ngooria’s parents were reluctant to send any of their children to school because they needed all of them to help herd their animals. However, when he was just 4 years old Ngooria began following the neighbors’ children to the Thorn Tree School. He loved school and it was clear that he really enjoyed learning numbers and letters. Eventually his parents agreed he could be the first in their family to go to school.
Ngooria has always been one of the top 5 students in his class. He achieved marks of 317 in his final exams in class 8 and he has been accepted at Cheptenye School. He plays the setter on the school volleyball team. Last year he was group leader in Kiswahili and he helped many students improve their Kiswahili language skills. He is very proud to have been chosen by his parents to attend school and is delighted that he has been able to teach his elder brother how to write his name. He is well aware of what his life would be like without the opportunity to pursue an education and is excited by the prospect of continuing his studies.


Ngooria Letaraya Ngooria Letaraya
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