Letoore James Lpangash




James started his education in 2006 at Ndonyo Wasin pre-school. His family members are traditional nomadic pastoralists who depend solely on their herds of cows and goats for food. They migrate frequently during the drought periods in search of grass and water for their animals. Although neither of his parents have been formally educated they have always encouraged James to work hard in his studies and he has become the first person in the family to ever complete grade 8.
At Ndonyo Wasin Primary School, James has been a hard working student and he has always been in the top 5 at school. His favorite subject is social studies because he says he is so interested in what goes on in the rest of Kenya and the world. His favorite reading material is National Geographic. He is a very responsible student and has been class prefect and dormitory prefect. He is also the president of the Health and Hygiene club at school and is in charge of organizing the students to keep the school clean. He is a positive person and popular with his schoolmates. He has siblings in younger classes and he often reads aloud to them and their friends during the weekends. He loves doing this and thinks he might be a teacher one day.


James Letoore James Letoore
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