Leyopoko Andrew




Andrew and his twin sister were born in 2000. They are the youngest children in their family and have 8 other siblings. Their parents live in the Leangata area at the foothills of the Matthew Range and about 15 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin primary school and about 50 kilometers from the road. Andrew and his sister are the only people in their family to ever go to school. Their parents, brothers and sisters all live the traditional nomadic Samburu way of life – looking after their cows and goats, which is their sole source of food. They travel constantly in search of grass and water for their animals.
Around the time Andrew and his sister were born a small nomadic kindergarten had opened in their area. Class and lessons took place under a large shady acacia tree with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk. The teacher was a Samburu warrior with just a few years of schooling. Andrew’s parents knew very little about school but the teacher/warrior persuaded them let Andrew and his sister try it. Andrew loved it and his parents were delighted when, at only 6 years old, Andrew could write his name and was able to read which family member’s name was on each of the medical cards in their home! They realized the benefits of going to school for both Andrew and their whole family. When Andrew asked to continue they were happy to send him to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. The following year, they sent his sister to primary school as well. Andrew was consistently in the top third of his class and in his final exams in grade 8 he achieved marks of 299. His favorite subject was English and he has always been a strong reader and an excellent writer. He was on the school soccer team as a striker and was a founding member of the environmental club.


Leyopoko Andrew Leyopoko Andrew
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