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John was born in 2002 and is the third of six children. Neither of John’s parents went to school and sadly, when John was in Class 6, his mother passed away. John’s father lives in Sere-olipi village. John’s father does not have any animals of his own and therefore relies on casual jobs around Sere-olipi to support his family. While owning no animals makes John’s father very poor even by local Samburu standard, it was a blessing for him and his siblings as they were sent to school. John’s eldest sibling is married and living the traditional lifestyle, while the second born in their family just completed high school. John is eager to continue his education and set an example for his younger siblings!

John first started attending Imani preschool in 2010 in a church building that doubled as a preschool during the day. John’s mother was insistent that John attend school after his family lost all of their animals during the drought of 2009. Since he was older than many of the pre-school students, John was only in one term of preschool before the teacher recommended he join Sere-olipi Primary School, which was near by. Once he arrived at school, he never looked back. He has been hardworking and determined every since. His favorite subject is mathematics and he dreams of becoming an engineer. Outside of class, he participated in football and music. He has acquired a competitive spirit, respect and discipline by participating in both activities. While at Sere-olipi, John also enjoyed reading books in the library during his free time.


Lodip Leyiman Lodip Leyiman
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