Lolpuranai  Lmengash Samuel




Samuel is the youngest of four children in his family, and the first to complete class 8 and go on to high school. Two of his older siblings started school, but were not able to finish due to circumstances at home. Samuel’s mother passed away when he was younger, and while his father is still alive, he is looked after by an aunt, who has taken care of him for the majority of his life. However, over school holidays, he does visit his father and help him take care of the family livestock—donkeys and sheep.

Samuel’s family migrated to the Sereolipi area when he was around six years old, and that was when he began school. He attended a Thorntree Primary School and did very well on his national exams in Class 8. His best subject is Math and is hoping to be a lawyer when he finishes school. He has a strong desire to serve his community and seek justice.

While in primary school, Samuel loved to play football and was a member of the Health Club, which focused on cleaning the school and making sure everyone kept up with proper hygiene. As he got older, he definitely became a student who liked to read for enjoyment—which is not a common thing in Kenya. Often books are only read in class, and are textbooks at that! His new found hobby of reading really boosted his scores and performance in school.


Lolpuranai Lmengash Lolpuranai Lmengash
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