Lemeleny Actovian




Actovian lives in Sereolipi town. His results on the KCPE exams were 326 and he was 3rd in his class. His father is a teacher and in 2008 he was posted to Sereolipi Primary School. He brought Actovian and two of his brothers with him. The remainder of Actovian’s family — 3 brothers and one sister still live in the family home in Maralal. They have a few cows and sheep.

Actovian is determined to follow in his father’s footsteps. Last year he spent a lot of his free time at school helping the students in the class below him. He also led the school in some community service projects.

Actovian’s father earns about $200 a month. This is barely enough to keep his large family in food and clothes. If his father were to try to pay for Actovian’s school fees he would quite simply beggar the rest of his family. Actovian has been brought up in a good family that are very supportive of his education. He is well aware of this privileged background and is determined to make the most of it.


actorvian lemeleny Actorvian Lemeleny
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