Basele John




John was born in 1995 and he graduated from Lerata Primary School at the end of 2010. He scored 297 marks in his KCPE. He is the fifth born in his family. He has six siblings. John’s mother died when he was an infant and he was brought up by his stepmother.

When he was 6 years old he asked his father if he could go to school because his best friend was going. His father agreed but said it would only be for a few months. John enjoyed it so much that he begged his father to let him stay. He has consistently been in the top 3 of his class.

Since he was 11 years old he has been looking after himself so he is very independent and resourceful. He is a good student – committed and motivated. He is well aware that the only way out of poverty for him is to succeed at school and get a good job. His favorite subject is Mathematics. He would like to be a pilot some day so that he can fly all over the world. His favorite pastime is singing traditional Samburu songs, reading storybooks and swimming in Waso river.


John Basele John Basele
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