Ekwam Jethro




Jethro was born in 1994. Jethro’s mother is Samburu. His father was Turkana, he died in 2002 when he was eight years old as a result of a cattle raid in Lerata. He has two brothers and two sisters. As a widower his mother knew that the future for them was very bleak and she chose Jethro, her first born, to go to school to give him a chance to improve his life. He is the first child in her family to ever go to school.

Jethro got 293 marks in his exams although he had achieved 345 in his mocks. We believe he is a strong student but was nervous in his exams because going to secondary school meant so much to him. Jethro’s goal is simple: to get a good job and use his money to help his mother and siblings leave their harsh life behind.


Jethro Ekwam Jethro Ekwam
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