Emillio Emmanuel Peter




Peter Miana was born in the year 1994. He is the second born with one older sister and one younger brother and sister. He completed his primary education at Ndonyo Wasin and he did very well in Mathematics.
His goal is to complete school so he can get a job and improve the economy of Ndonyo Wasin.
Neither Peter’s parents have a job so they have decided that sending their children to school is an investment in their future and their children’s futures as they believe it’s the only way to keep them out of poverty.
With Peter and all his siblings in school his parents help by taking over the responsibilities of taking care of their 20 goats and 3 chicken while their children are at school. This is a big help especially to Peter as he is currently balancing getting an education as well as keeping up with Samburu traditions. He just recently became a warrior where he and his family are very proud.
His Uncle was a nurse in the village and he encouraged Peter to go to school and study hard. Peter looks up to his uncle because without his nursing in the village many would have stayed sick and died without his care. He’d like to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and study medicine, perhaps even becoming the first doctor in his village.


Emillio Emmanuel Peter Emillio Emmanuel Peter
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