Isaiah Alonso




Isaiah was born in 1995. His family lives in lerata and they are traditional nomadic pastoralists. He is the 3rd born and has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Two of his brothers are in school and two of her sisters are married while their last born sister is too young and stays at home with the mother.
He joined Lerata primary in 2003. Most of their cows died during the drought of 2009. They have 7 goats and 1 cow. During the droughts he had to help is brothers migrate with the cows and he has been absent from school for long periods and this has affected his academic performance. He achieved 209 marks in his KCPE. However, he has always been committed to his schooling and never wanted to drop out. He very much wants to go to technical school so that he learns a skill in motor vehicle technology that will get him a stable job and a steady source of income. He has a strong sense of responsibility to his family and he wants to be bale to support them lead a better life.


Isaiah Alonso Isaiah Alonso
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