Juma Emmanuel




Juma is an orphan and his earliest memories are from the age of seven, when he was a homeless street kid in Eldoret.

A policeman found him on the street and took him to his home where he looked after him and had him work as a servant doing domestic chores. He lso went to school when he had the opportunity. When the policeman was posted to Sereolipi he brought Juma along and enrolled him in the Sereolipi Primary School. Later, the policeman left, but Juma stayed on at the school as a boarding student. He worked hard and got the highest grade in his class (306 out of 500) on the national 8th grade exam.

He was accepted at Maralal High School – the best boys school in the district. He was the first scholarship recipient in January 2006. Just before he went off to school, George, the chief of the region, accompanied him to buy all the things he needed for school, including the first shoes of his entire life.


Juma Emmanuel Juma Emmanuel
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