Kamande Nginge




Nginge was born in 2004 and is the fourth of six children born. He lives just outside Sere Olipi town with his mother, as his father passed away a few years ago when he was in class six. His mother went to school when she was younger and learned the importance of education. As a result, she has sent all of her children to school. Her goal for Nginge, and her other children, is that they will be able to be independent and have choice filled lives, as well as help her after completing school.

Nginge started pre-school in 2011 and in 2012 joined Sere Olipi Primary School. His favorite subject is mathematics and he would love to be an accountant in the future. He says he loves calculations! He also played soccer on the school’s team, was a member of the health club, and was voted class prefect in class six! He is an outgoing young man that is easy to get along with. When he visits home on school holidays, he helps his mother by washing dishes, fetching water, sweeping the compound and running errands at local shops for his mother.


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