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Born in 26th June 1996, Andrick Laison Lesiakono is the first born in a family of 6. He has two brothers and two sisters. With all his parents alive, Andrick was lucky to go to school. Being born and raised up at Pareu village, he was one of the beneficiaries of the Thorn tree Pre School project. His parents played a big role on his education by sending him to school; this is after their vast number of livestock was reduced to what are now 3 cows 5 goats and 3 sheep the only source of food to them.
After attending school and learnt the importance of education he pressured the parents to send his younger siblings to school, one sister and one brother. The other siblings are helping the parents to look after the animals.
He managed to get a total of 282 in his KCPE exam at Ndonyo Wasin Primary which enabled him secure a place at Igandene secondary school a provincial school in Eastern Kenya. For him to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor he will really need great support since his parents are not in any position possible to cater for his education. When we talked to them they said “our son is our only hope” they believe that he will be of great importance not only to them but also to his siblings who will need a role model from the family.
His love for science has really made him desire to pursue Medical education to its highest level.


Andrick Laison Lesiakono Andrick Laison Lesiakono
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