Lealo Enock Salekin




Date of birth: Enock was born in 12th August 2001
KCPE results: 307
Family: Enock’s family live in Kiwanja village in Sereolipi. He is the second born of 4 children. He has one sister and two brothers. He lives in a traditional Manyatta with his extended family of step brothers and sisters, uncles and cousins. The Manyatta is a traditional nomadic pastoralist home and during droughts they migrate to find water and grass for their animals. His father passed on June this year of old age. His mother is now the only one caring for them.
Schooling: His mother took him to school because compared to his elder brother he was the one who was fond of writing on the ground and making car toys while his brother constructed cow and goat pens. In 2007 his mother took him to Lturuya preschool which took place under a shady tree with blackboard propped against the tree trunk. His elder brother then took care of the animals. Enock enjoyed preschool and quickly learned numbers and letters and in 2009 he was taken to Sereolipi Primary School. Enock has always been a hard working student and he says the key to his success is to wake up early in the mornings to study and also work until late at night to make sure he understands all the concepts his teachers have been teaching him. He has excelled at Science since grade 1 and over the years has consistently and generously spent time helping his classmates to understand any Science topics they have difficulty with. He loves learning and enjoys succeeding. He is open-minded and fair. He likes reciting poems and singing traditional songs to his classmates and friends when free. He helped in keeping the school clean. He is a responsible person. He was the deputy president of the health club at school.
In his KCPE exams he achieved marks of 307 and he has been offered a place at Arnesen’s Boys High School, one of the top schools in the country.


Enock Salekin Lealo Enock Salekin Lealo
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