Learamo Francis




Francis comes from an ancient hunter-gatherer family that have lived at the foothills of the Matthew’s Range in the Ndonyo Wasin area for centuries. His father is an expert honey gatherer and he has made his living out of collecting honey and firewood from the forest. More recently he has been employed by the Ndonyo Wasin Primary school as a gardener and maintenance person. He also has a few goats which give them milk. his wife looks after.

Francis is a very responsible boy who got 226 on his KCPE exams. He has been accepted by Sagana Technical Institute that is one of the best technical schools in the country and he will study Mechanic there. His father’s salary at the school is less than $50 per month and it is not enough to send Benedict on to technical education.

He is the first in his family to go to school and he very much wants to get a job so that he can help his father and mother improve their lives.


Francis Learamo Francis Learamo
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