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Sadilon was born in 1999. He grew up in the Leang’ata area about 2 hours walk from Ndonyo Wasin village. He has four siblings; Ntoipan (first born girl) who is married and lives the Samburu traditional lifestyle, Francis (second born) and Lparonye and Emmanuel who are in class 7 and 2 respectively at Ndonyo Wasin primary school.
Sadilon’s parents have been very supportive of Sadilon’s schooling. They are especially poor even by Samburu standards. After the extreme drought of 2000 they decided that the best way for their children to get out of poverty was to make sure their children got a good education. Their oldest daughter was too old to go to school but they have sent all of their other children.
Sadilon has always been in the top 3 in his class. He is strong in all subjects and his favorite subject is mathematics. Sadilon achieved marks of 357 in his exams and was second in his class. He was class prefect and is an excellent organizer. He was on the debating team and had a reputation for being able to challenge any point the opposition made. His favorite book in the library is ‘Caught in the Middle’ a story where a moran (Samburu Warrior) left his tradition way of life and embraced education, he says the story was very inspiring for him and helped him see that he could succeed in the outside world without loosing his Samburu culture.


Benard Sadilon Learamo Benard Sadilon Learamo
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