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Lino is 18, the second oldest child of ten in his family from an incredibly isolated area of the bush in Kenya. He is an incredibly intelligent student who favors Science and languages (with a particular love of Roald Dahl). He’s also a natural born leader and was elected Class Prefect by his peers.
His father is a traditional nomadic pastoralist and his mother is the local preschool teacher who firmly believes in the value of an education. They have very few animals and even with her salary and food aid, can barely get by on a daily basis. While Lino’s oldest sister and two younger brothers had been enrolled in school at an early age, since his grandmother didn’t have any sons to take care of her, Lino went to live with her. It wasn’t until he realized that he would be destitute when his grandmother passes away that he brought himself to preschool.
The story of his family is emblematic of the phenomenal shift we anticipate in the communities that Thorn Tree Project is involved in. As the poorest families without large animal herds send their children to school, those children will return to the community as the individuals who are the most highly educated and able to provide for themselves and their families. So far, each of the four Leariwalas who have completed primary school have received Thorn Tree Project scholarships and we anticipate an incredibly bright future for their family as the other siblings bring up the rear.


Lino jeremy Leariwala Lino Jeremy Leariwala
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