Leariwala Daudi




Daud was born in 2006 and is the seventh of ten children in his family. Daud lives with his mother and father, both of whom have some formal education, which is very rare in Samburu. Daud’s mother attended school until eighth grade, while his father went through fifth grade. Daud’s mother is currently a preschool teacher and his father is a mason, which he learned through an apprenticeship. Their family lives in Ndonyo Wasin and have few animals, making them very poor by local standards.

Daud started school in 2011 at Ndonyo Wasin Pre-School, learning under an acacia tree with the blackboard propped up against the tree trunk. Instead of a desk or a bench, the students sit on a small stone. In 2012, Daud was promoted to Ndonyo Wasin for primary school. From the very beginning, he loved school. His parents encouraged him to work hard and he has not let them down. His favorite subject is science! In addition to being a strong student, Daud is a member of the wildlife club at school. Their responsibility is to conserve the school environment, including planting and watering trees on school grounds. When not tending to the school environment, Daud can be found in the library reading books. He loves the story Robben Island, about a small rat who was swept away by waters, but through great efforts of his own, he is able to save himself. Daud also believes that through his effort, he can help save himself.


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