Leariwala Moses




Moses is a boy born in 1997 from Ndonyo Wassin, a small village in Samburu. When the local preschool was opened, his mother was selected by a committee to be the teacher, and she enrolled Moses in her class. He is one of ten children in his family, all of whom are enrolled in education except his brother who tends the livestock. Although both his younger brother and older sister received scholarships through Thorn Tree to attend Technical School, Moses is the first in his family to achieve marks high enough to admit him to High School. Despite his mother’s constant employment, Moses’s family is quite poor, even relative to local standards. His father is only able to find work sporadically and they have a small herd of goats which provide milk for a subsitence diet. With the education of the majority of their children, however, it’s likely that the fortune of Moses’ family will improve in the future. Moses performed well in the KCPE exam, earning a 288 in his KCPE exams.He has always been strong in math and was ranked top in his grade. He is a popular student with a strong sense of community and responsibility who loves soccer and reading. He was offered a place at Maralal High School which is a National school and we were very happy to offer him a scholarship.


Moses leariwala at home Moses Leariwala At Home
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