Leariwala Samuel




Samuel Leariwala is only 14 but he has a grown-up personality and carries many adult responsibilities. He is the middle child in a family of 10 children. Born and raised in Ndonyo Wasin, he attended the local preschool in 2002 and then continued on to primary school, where he showed a great enthusiasm for learning, and enjoyed studying Math and English in particular. His earliest academic memory came before he even began preschool – while he was out with the family goats at pasture, some students came along and taught him the ABC’s, inspiring him and leading to join school as soon as he could. In school Samuel was always the youngest and the smallest but he was always the best reader. In 2011, Samuel finished primary school. His KCPE score was 260 and high enough to qualify him for Technical School. He will take the Carpentry course, since it will allow him to start his own carpentry business and best achieve his career goal of “making money” as he bluntly puts it. Samuel’s family are nomadic pastoralists with very few animals. They can barely get by on a daily basis, let alone afford to send Samuel to technical school. When he completes his 2-year course and receives a certificate he will be able to get a job and he plans to use his salary to help his family while inspiring his brothers, sisters and community to follow in his footsteps and create a better future for everyone.


Samuel Leariwala infront of their house Samuel Leariwala Infront Of Their House
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