Leariwala Stephen Sunday




Stephen was born in 1990 and he is the first born in a family of 7 children. However from the very youngest age he has been brought up by his grandmother who lives near Sereolipi and who never had any sons of her own. His grandmother lives a traditional nomadic life herding goats and cows that provide milk and meat to live on. She sent Stephen to school when he was seven and this was a considerable sacrifice to her — if he had been at home he could have helped her with the animals and they could have owned many more than they have now.

Stephen joined Sereolipi primary in 1997 and graduated in 2005. He scored 285 marks out of the possible 500 marks becoming the third best student in class. He was admitted at Rumuruti Boys Secondary School in Laikipia district which is a boy’s provincial boarding school. He has performed well at school and is strong in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He would like to become a doctor or a nurse.


Leariwala Stephen Sunday Leariwala Stephen Sunday
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