Lebacha James




James was born in 2002 and is the third of seven children in his family. His father passed away when he was younger and his mother raised him as a single parent. His mother never went to school and lives a traditional Samburu way of life in Sirara village in the Sere Olipi area. When James became old enough, his uncle decided he should attend school. James and his youngest sibling are the only two children in his family to attend school.

Unlike most of his classmates, James did not attend preschool. In fact, his mother never intended for him to go to school at all. James’s uncle, who has sent all of his own children to school, convinced his mother to allow him to enter school. He joined Sere Olipi Primary School and was about two years older and quite a bit taller than his classmates. But from the very beginning, he loved school. His favorite subject is math. James says he loves the formula and procedures involved in mathematics. In addition to being a strong student, James loves football and participated in the school Health Club, where he learned about hygiene and cleanliness. He is a polite and honest boy and hopes to become a teacher when he finishes school. He strongly believes everyone has the right to attain education and he would love to give back to the system that has given him so much.


James Lebacha James Lebacha
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