Legalghitele Lucy




Lucy grew up in Nesesai which is about 8 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin. In 2002 a pre-school opened up there. It was simply the largest tree around with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk. The teacher, Lekiteri, had just a few years of primary school but taught well and Lucy loved learning. Lucy’s parents had never been to school themselves and although thy were happy to send her to the local preschool they were reluctant to send her on to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. Lucy was not to be put off and she enlisted her grandmother’s help to persuade her parents to let her go. She went to primary school in 2003.

When she started at Ndonyo Wasin primary school there were no boarding facilities and she had to walk the 8 kilometers to school and the 8 kilometers home every day. She did it with a group of other students so it was fun and interesting but often they had to run away from elephants. In Grade 3 she became a boarder.

Lucy is outgoing and always ready to help someone with a smile on her face. She has been captain of the netball team and the girl’s soccer team. Her soccer team won the Samburu North East Trophy last year. She achieved marks on her KCPE exams of 265. She wants to go to technical school so she can learn a skill to get a good job so she can help her sister and two brothers and her mother and father.


Lucy Leghaghitele Lucy Leghaghitele
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