Legalgitele Mark Loponu




Mark started his education in 2005 at Nesesiai pre-school. This is the first preschool the Thorn Tree project started. It is 8 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin village. The teaching takes place under the shadiest thorn tree around with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk. Mark loved pre school and he begged his parents to let him go to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. He started grade 1 as a boarder when he was 6 years old. Mark’s parents are traditional nomadic pastoralists who depend solely on their herd of cows and goats for food. During the frequent droughts they migrate up to 80 miles in search of water and grass for their animals.
Mark is very hardworking and committed student. His persistence and determination has put him consistently in the top 3 students in the class since he started school. In his final KCPE exams he achieved marks of 344 which is exceptionally good and puts him in the top 10% of students in the country. Mark is a strong reader and his favorite books are autobiographies.He also loves playing volleyball and was one of six students on the school’s volleyball team.


Mark Loponu Legalgitele Mark Loponu Legalgitele
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