Lehano Josephat




Josephat is the first child in his family to go to secondary school. He is very bright and hard working and throughout his time in primary school he was consistently one of the best performing students. He was always the best reader in the school and is a great singer.

He comes from one of the poorest families in Sereolipi. His father died 5 years ago. His mother is very old and she has 5 other children. Before the drought the family had a small herd of goats – since the drought they have had none and they have had to rely on help from relatives.

Josephat was born in 1989. He joined Sereolipi Primary School when he was 7 years old but his parents withdrew him from school afer class 3 due to lack of money. Five years later he returned to school. Based on his good exam results he got a place at Good Shepherd Seminary in Maralal. Josephat is painfully aware of how lucky he is and knows that education is the only way his family will be able to improve their livelihoods.


Lehano Josephat Lehano Josephat
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