Leilimo Josephat




Josephat is was born in 1994 and he lives in an area that is about 10 kilometers away from Sereolipi School. His mother died when he was 3 years old and he has 2 siblings and 7 step brothers and sisters. He went to school when he was 6 years old, walking the 10 kilometers to school and 10 kilometers back home every day on his own. When he was 9 he became a full time boarder at the school. Josephat has always been at the top of his class and has enjoyed learning since he first went to school.

He graduated from Standard 8 in 2008 and he achieved 323 marks in his KCPE exams. He was 3rd in his class and he excelled at mathematics which in Kenya is notoriously difficult to do well in. For this reason we expect him to do very well at secondary school. He has been accepted at Njoro Boys High School which is one of the top 100 schools in the country. Since the drought of 2006/7 his family has only 3 cows, 2 camels and 4 goats. This is not even sufficient to feed his brothers and sisters and they have none to sell to pay for school fees.


Leilimo Josephat Leilimo Josephat
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