Loimordodo John




A second born with 2 siblings, John is one of the most cheerful, energetic and determined of them all.
He was born in the village of Ndonyo Wasin, and joined Ndonyo Wasin pre school despite the challenge he was born with. Born deaf didn’t prevent the youngster mingle and join other children in the learning process. He completed his primary level in the same school and later through the support of the Thorn tree Scholarship Program he joined Isiolo school for the deaf where he qualified to join The Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf. He is so eager in exploiting his potential.
His mother and his 2 siblings are all deaf, the last born brother he is learning in Ndonyo Wasin primary school his father is not capable of providing him for his technical education, and John with his determined character which has seen him fair through many challenges, is ready to help his challenged family. He always says “ One day I will be the best carpenter in our county.”


Loimordodo John Loimordodo John
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