Lekanapal Benedict




Benedict has no father, only a mother. He has 3 older sisters all of whom are married and a younger brother and sister. He is the only one who has gone to school. His family is nomadic and they have only a few goats.

In 2000 he left Sereolipi Primary School with a good grade and got a place at Maralal High School which is one of the best schools in the district. His mother had no cows to sell for Benedicts school fees so she and Benedict had to beg from relatives. In the first term they managed to find the money for school fees but after that it got more and more difficult. Eventually at the beginning of his second year, Benedict decided to take himself out of school as it was just too much for his mother and he could see that he would never be able to finish.

We gave him a job as the teacher at one of our preschools in an area called Nieri, where he and his mother lived and he turned out to be a gifted teacher. We sent him back to school in 2006 at Maralal High School and he is doing very well with a B/B+ average which is very encouraging. Benedict is totally committed to doing well at school.

During December 2006 Benedict went through all the ceremonies for circumcision and he is now a full warrior.


Lekanapal Benedict Lekanapal Benedict
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