Lekanaya  Wilson




Wilson is a 14 year old boy from Kauro village which is about 12kms from sere-olipi. Both of his parents are not educated though his father works as a ranger in sera conservancy. The money he gets cannot pay the Wilson’s school fees and at the same time provide food to the other three siblings. Their family only has 20 goats and 5 sheep which make them quite poor, even by local standards.
Wilson is the second youngest of 4 children and was inspired to get an education by his cousin whom his parents had taken him to school. He is the first child to go school in their family after his sister and brother, first and second born respectively all living traditional life style. Wilson is motivated by the potential to support his elderly parents by replacing their livestock—one of their primary food and income sources—in the incidence of drought. With a good education, he and his family will have much greater financial stability.
An incredibly curious student,Wilson interset has been piqued by the little exposure he’s had to a modern lifestyle. In school, his favorite classes are Social Studies and English and through his sponsorship, he is looking forward to having more time to read and learning to use computers in his school’s technology lab.


Wilson Wilson
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