Lekaram Alois




Alois is 16 years old. He lives on the edge of Sereolipi town. He has two brothers and one sister. Neither of his parents have steady jobs, his father gets by with repairing shoes and his mother makes blankets.

Alois’ mother did go to primary school for a few years and always regrets not being able to finish her education. As a result she has done everything she can to send all of her children to school. In this supportive educational environment Alois has done well and he has consistently been a top performing student at the school.

Alois’s family is one of the poorest in the village of Sereolipi. He achieved 298 on his KCPE exams. He is very committed to doing well in secondary school – he is committed to having a good career and helping his family and community.


Alois lekaram Alois Lekaram
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