Lekashaka Robinson




Robinson Lekashaka was born in Sereolipi in 1996. As a child, he attended the local preschool which consisted of little more than a blackboard propped up against a tree trunk under the shade of the thorn tree. From there he went on to Sereolipi primary school until grade 7, when his mother passed away. Since his father lived far away, Robinson moved to Lerata where his older sister lived and finished primary school there. His marks qualified him for a scholarship to attend a 2-year certificate course at a technical institute, where he intends to study Motor Vehicle Mechanics. Robinson dreams big – once he receives his certificate he intends to use his newly acquired set of skills to gain work experience, save up money and start his own business. His family would never be able to pay for technical school for him and he is extremely excited and grateful to be sponsored.


Robinson Lekashaka Robinson Lekashaka
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